We carry a large selection of Mill Creek Studios artwork.  We have an extensive collection of current and retired pieces in stock.  We can also order any pieces that are currently produced at the factory and have them drop-shipped to you.

Mill Creek fine art wildlife sculptures are made from a blend of fine resins and pure white alabaster, or alabaster and porcelain powders.  When "catalyzed" and poured into a mold, this resin composition will go through a chemical reaction creating intense heat and causing the mixture to harden and expand into every crevasse and detail of the mold.  When cooled and removed from the mold, the result is an exact duplicate of the original sculpture created by the artist.

At this point each casting is examined, detailed, and cleaned to prepare the sculpture to receive a natural palette of the finest artist acrylics applied layer upon layer by skilled artisans.  The beautiful finish which results is designed to enhance and define all the subtle detail of the artwork, as well as contribute to the life and realism of the subject.





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