The History of Black Hills Gold 

In 1874, a scout on a geographic expedition with the Seventh Calvary, led by General George Armstrong Custer, found the glimmer of gold in the sparkling waters of French Creek in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  This monumental discovery spurred what is considered the last great gold rush in the continental United States.  This untamed mountain region far from the path of overland routes changed virtually overnight.  Treasure-seeking adventurers flocked into the Black Hills from across the country, even though the area was officially Lakota territory and considered trespassing on sacred land.  The once-quiet canyons of the Black Hills echoed with gold-panning activity.

The first arrivals found nuggets the size of pine cones, while the late-comers were less fortunate.  Some of these pioneers came proudly bearing the scars of the 1849 California Rush.  Miners, whose jobs in the coal pits of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other eastern states had been swallowed by the post-Civil War Depression, also ventured West to find prosperity.  The allure of gold enticed notable visitors like Buffalo Bill Cody, Preacher Smith, Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane, Potato Creek Johnny, and the infamous Wild Bill Hickok to Deadwood Gulch and the Black Hills.  Jewelry creators soon emerged in the booming hills of Dakota Territory.  Innovative designers brought an intriguing style of jewelry with them to the Black Hills.  The distinctive three-color configuration of grape and leaf designs traveled through the gold rush and camps of the western frontier before arriving in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  History recalls that Black Hills Gold was sold by S.T. Butler in Deadwood as early as 1878.

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