The original artwork of Paha Ska ("White Hills" in English) is featured in this collection. He is an enrolled member (#OST-11228) of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.  Paha Ska was born in 1923 in the reservation village of Pine Ridge, SD.  He spent nearly 50 years in Keystone, SD, where he entertained tourists in his beautiful native costume and with his wry sense of humor. 

Paha Ska is a self-taught artist who feels strongly that this has kept his art as true to traditional Indian philosophy as possible.  "You can only paint the way you feel.  So I keep myself in such a way that I feel only the good and not the sorrow of my people." 

Paha Ska produced beautiful one-of-a-kind paintings on buffalo, elk, and reindeer hides which are in great demand. 

Paha Ska passed away on November 10, 2005.




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